Our aims

Our aims are to improve the quality of life of people with severe multiple  disabilities by acquiring developing tools and equipment, by organizing useful free-time activities. Our programs raise awareness of the challenges these people face day by day; we aimed to change the attitude of the major society and make people more sensitive to this problem.

Parents' Club

The foundation for Care of Our Children has run club sessions for parents who raised their disabled children at their home since 2014. A The project is supported by the FSZK. Parents meet every second week: during the years they has been formulated to a supportive community, where the members stand by each other in the challenging situations. 

We raise money for a Supportive Home Care

Our team fund raise money for a Supportive Home Care service, where in a safe environment  people with severe multiple disabilities can live with 7/24 professional support, and where they get similar special education program as in the Daily Home Care.

There is no such an institution within the 100 km area of Budapest, capital of Hungary.

Camps in Bogács

Our foundation has organized camps for young people with severe multiple disabilities in Summers in Bogács, since 2014. The program ran in cooperation with the Daily Home Care.

You may watch the photos in the following links about the camp and the young people. 

We write a blog about the important events
We write a blog
A clip about our children and the day-care institution
Life is so hard
but beautiful!
A song that is written about our children by the Goodwill Ambassador of the Foundation
Our Foundation is a
member of ÉTA
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