In order to this aim our foundation apply for grants in order to support the activity and the low budget of the 

XV. district Daily Care Home

They can only move with supportive tools and medical aids;  their communication abilities are on very low level, they are unable to eat independently, most of the can eat only mashed foods and they have incontinence in urine. 

About the foundation

The main aim of the Foundation for Care of Our Children is to support the people with severely multiple disabilities and and improve the quality of life of their families. We organize programs and run activities that have an impact on the whole society by raising awareness of their problems and changing their attitude. 

In the Daily Care Home Institution

38 people with serious multiple disabilities are taken care. Beside their moving disabilities, they have mental, visual, hearing and sensory disabilities too.

For improving their skills and competences lots of additional 

aid and tools are required: games, massage bath, specially customized swing and bowling alley, equipment for the sensory development room, special summer camp. Without the support of our foundations all of these achievements won't be possible.