The aims of the foundation

Foundation for Care of Our Children was established in 1996. 

The foundation came into existence based on the principles of equal opportunity, and has achieved operational programs supported by the state since 1997.

Our foundation takes care of the disabled people of the Daily Care Home, and pay attention  especially to the development of their mental and physical state. 

We arranged hydrodynamic treatment sessions, massage bath service (muscle relaxants) and sensory experience room for them. 

 We acquire developing tools, special education services, organize health screening services and support families to take part in it. It is important for us to cooperate with the family members by providing information and supporting them to solve their problems. 

Annually we support financially the holiday camp program and the Spring and Autumn trips of the children and youngsters.  

With the help of  grants we have organized parents club since 2014, where parents can recharge themselves, improve their self-knowledge and self-management abilities.


We would like to support the professional team of the institution as well, by providing financial opportunity to run two-days training course annually, and also send them to conferences, where they can learn new methods for improving their children. 

Our foundation monitors the events connected to the social and health issues of serious multiple  disabled people. We support financially the interest and participation of the parents and helpers.

Our foundation cooperated with the Budapest XV. district local government in achieving traditional and concrete programs.  We support the high quality activity of a highly professional Daily Care home. 

Our  scope of the operation of the foundation focuses on the widest possible target in the mainstream society as well. We organize programs and run activities that have an impact on the whole society by raising awareness of their problems and changing their attitude.

We support the Mobility Week in the district that give an opportunity for introspection into the daily life of disabled people. The event involves representatives of the local government.

We organize Bowling Contest every year in the Daily Care Home, where we host participants from other organizations too.  By inviting the inhabitants of other institutions we can provide the parents information regarding the future.

From September 2006 the helpers of the institution launched a pilot education program in small groups for student- and adult-age people with disabilities, taking account of their special needs.

Our foundation provide technical support for this program by financing special tools and improving aids.

We have been supporting the dog therapy for years, assistance dogs come weekly to the youngsters.

In 2018 we tried a new type of support: six families could go for a holiday in the lake Balaton.

We rented a house where the parents and their disabled children could spend time with other families together. The families could support each other. It was so successful that we plan to continue this project and later involve more families into the community program. 

We consider as an essential aim to stand by the people with severely multiple disabilities living with their families. In order to this we would like to raise money for a building Supported Home Care, which will be a shelter for them to run a dignified life when their parents and families won’t be able to support them anymore. This home will be a safe place, a kind of centre, which provide 24/7 professional medical services and development programmes to raise the quality of their life. It would be a bit similar high-quality center such as our partner organization for the daily care. The current regulation in Hungary should provide Supported Living environment for this purpose. 

We provide lots of information on this new homepage  for families who raise their disabled children in their home.

We write a blog our events with pictures. We report here about our grants and the news related to the disability topic.

We have a Facebook for the same purpose: sharing information.