Parents' Club

Parent's Club was launched in 2014 supported by FSZK grants. 

In 2019 the sixth series of sessions started, and the group has been growing progressively since the first sessions. 

A Facebook page and a closed secret group was launched, where the parents of young people with severe multiple disabilities can support each other by sharing experience and information, and by paying attention to each other. About the session there are reports on blog, which is available only in Hungarian. 

An innovation was in 2020 that because of COVID-19 situation, we had to organize some of the  sessions online.


Report about the grant application of 2018 Supporting Parents' Club

We were happy to have the opportunity, because these sessions  are supportinh to formulate the community of the parents. We became more open to each other, and we share our stories braver than before. We try to organize activities that make the other parents move too.  These events werefor example the Tea-afternoon party at Christmas, when we were preparing for the celebration. We created small gifts, we were cooking, and we organized a small Christmas donation market. The money we gained went to the programmes of the disabled young peoples trip in Spring. We invited the members of the pensioner club from XV. district to the party. The event was quite successful, we enjoyed it a lot. 


In Spring 2018. we organzied a trip with the Children's railway. The trip was really memorable, with good mood and with recalling childhood memories. Another event was a Saturday we spen at Millenáris Park, where we took part at a conference, called: "Give space to technology". We listened to lectures ans watched an exhibition about  new technologies that support the independent life of a disabled person. The closing event of this session  again was a Family Day event, with open-air cooked food, playing games and projecting videos of the everydaylife of our disabled children. 

The club events all the time are great fun for us, our mentors support our team to think together, warming up and get positiv reinforcement in reaching our goals. Retrospectively it is obviuos that our goal are not unreachable, with a solid banse of cooperation everything is possible.  It is extremely important for us to continue the Parents' Club, it is worth to improve it more with the help of experts.  For us as parents of young people wit severe multiple disabilities, it is essential to strengthen our self-confidenve, so we can represent ourselves more efficiently. We started  to speak up for the rights of families with disabled children at conferences and meetings, and we would like to contine this. The "core team" of the parents make lots of efforts to motivate other parents too, and try to invilve everyone in the activities of the day-care home. 

Most of the parents are pensioners or get some minimal support from state to take care of their children, ans this situation separate and isolate them a lot. By running the Parent's Club we have started to dicrease the isolation, and build a community from the families.

Report from the grant application of season 2017-2018

In October 2017 we launched the fourth season of the parents' club. We were waiting for it a lot, because we felt the good impact of the previous seasons' sessions on the parents. We discussed the current situation during the sessions, and analysed what to do next. We have improved a lot ba shareing our experiences with each other. 

During the past time the parents became braver, and their technique of self-representation was developed too.  Some of the parents doesn't have stage-fright anymore when they have to talk in front of a lot of people about their problems. Parents really need these activities, such as the usual Christmas party, or the project closing Family Day Event. We are more relaxed during these events with less anxiety, the conversations are more easy-going among them, and we have so much fun - we really need this. 

The club event are happening in a good mood. Mentors are facilitating the activities and conversation with a great sensitivenes based on the atmosphere and the mood of the parents, so we are abel to articulate our needs and problems more, and also representing our kids more. 

We regularly got an inspiring  tale during the club sessions that made us think and talk about the impacts on our lives. We organized a trip to Vácrátót in a big part in Spring, wich was a great recharching activity for us, and strengthened the bong among us. 

We would like to continue the club events, they are so important for us, it is really worth to support it.